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The ISO 28000 certification

The ISO 28000 certification is evolving. F.lli Mauri is there.

Ensuring maximum security on all fronts and along the supply chain: this is the spirit in which F.lli Mauri, already at the beginning of 2020 and first in Italy, obtained the ISO 28000 - Supply Chain Security certification. In 2022, the standard underwent decisive changes to better meet the changing security needs and to strengthen the aspects of risk analysis and to ensure greater business continuity. A change that F.lli Mauri immediately welcomed in order to precisely receive the new requirements and adapt in the course of 2023.

"The rigorous and systematic approach to the standard, with a continuous improvement spirit, has made us increasingly, over the years, a stable and reliable partner to our customers - explains Giovanni Tavola, Process Engineer at F.lli Mauri - In a period of continuous and fast changes in the economic context, the interruption of the supply chain, even for short periods, represents a crucial factor for customers: this risk must be minimally minimized. For this reason, first in Italy with an audit in December 2019, we believed in the implementation of this standard: F.lli Mauri was indeed the first Italian company to be certified ISO 28000, with accreditation from Accredia." A choice made in 2019, which is reconfirmed today in the light of the new parameters set by the standard: in addition to changes that allow for greater harmonization with other standards, in fact, the ISO 28000 - 2022 certification, compared to the previous edition dated 2007, places a more specific and in-depth emphasis on primary importance issues.

First of all, the company is asked to evaluate the context in which it operates, including its supply chain with dependencies and interdependencies. There is then the need to determine and evaluate the suitability of existing measures, or to be implemented, in order to effectively manage the risks related to security. "The structured approach of the ISO 28000 standard, which starts from the identification of risks and potential threats, allowed us to identify and subsequently implement procedures and controls aimed at minimizing them, thus ensuring business continuity - explains Tavola - Risks and threats can be of various nature: physical intrusion into the company perimeter for theft of physical goods or technical documentation, theft during transport or smuggling of illegal goods, or, increasingly dangerous and frequent, attempts at computer intrusion for various reasons. These are just a few examples that have one thing in common: undermine the continuity of the goods supply process with cascading consequences on the entire supply chain."

That's why implementing, managing and controlling a precise process regarding security in its broadest sense is of fundamental importance for a company that wants to maintain and enhance its position in the market, ensuring its customers not only reliability and availability from a technical and technological point of view, but also a Responsible approach in various forms.