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Right to repair

Right to Repair R2R

"Right to Repair R2R" is a topical issue of great importance and spillover in the electronics and white goods sectors and one that we will be involved in.

Today we are already present and well organized in the RTA /DIY market, where the application of the standard will allow the screws and fasteners sector in general to be there. Europe, going in this direction with the directive, will allow eco-design that has among its main requirements those of durability and repair of products.

At the European level, France is an example: warranty extensions, incentives for repair and provision of a replacement device for the duration of the repair are already a reality. In Italy we are still a long way off, but in Mauri, we have always tried to anticipate the vision of the market trend, and here again we are concrete and innovative interlocutors of these changes.

The supply to our international customers of products in repair kits, to also support the customer in the process of repairing and/or replacing certain spare parts, is already a reality.