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VietnamWood Fair 2023

VietnamWood Fair 2023

F.lli Mauri's Sales team is always on the lookout for new development opportunities and collaborations within emerging markets, this time going as far as to discover a new leader in the wood industry in the Asian market: Vietnam.

From 20th to 23rd of September, F.lli Mauri participated as a visitor in the fourteenth edition of the VietnamWood international woodworking industry fair, held at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh. The fair attracted a great response in terms of participation, bringing together almost 9,000 buyers and more than 200 manufacturers from all over the world, driven by the opportunity to experience new international trade dynamics and learn about industry trends within the Vietnamese market.

For F.lli Mauri's team, this is the first visit for commercial purposes to Vietnam, a trip aimed at assessing a possible new market for Mauri products within the Asian continent. Analysing the socio-economic characteristics of this country, the strong growth in the industrial development of the internal economy and the significantly lower age rate compared to the European average, point to the Vietnamese market as a possible sector leader in the near future.

Participation in the VietnamWood trade fair not only allowed our team to actively research new trends, but also ensured that F.lli Mauri's technology was expanded in the Asian market.
Bringing our experience and knowledge to the fair, F.lli Mauri's products garnered very positive impressions and feedback from Asian colleagues, paving the way for possible new collaborations and business partnerships.